About PD Hotels

Welcome to PD Hotels

 The hotel main ideas are ;  the  believe to high quality and  created  added value with  attach  importance to the contemporaneity  with  broad mindedly ; without losing dynamism has a strong corporate identity , the aim is a sense of leadership , aspire to aim which is contemporaneity the lodging industry and believing that catch to succes means , success can be achieved with a successful team.

PD HOTEL’S family  has started to tourism sector in 1988 at Marmaris with IDEAL PEARL HOTEL  and nowadays as a  PD HOTELS  is given service to guest  with 3 Hotels.

PD Hotels

Our Vision

 High quality service and adopted the principle of guest satisfaction; being a well-known brand in the sector with its corporate company  image.

PD Hotels

Our Mission

With a educated  and cheerful staff; to be a always  growing family  both individual and  corporate.

 These are the our strategies; which is keeping to guest satisfaction on the ultimate level and provide to getting the guest come to the hotel  and to create good  working environments for staff by adopting policies that maintain high level of staff satisfaction.

Our Working Principles: To be a respectful moral and social values , adopt as a principle means of to being honest , to  approach positively to persons or events , to be sensitive for co-worker and environment , creative and to support the teamwork  and to have awareness of continuous learning and development .